Flowing Equals Growing in Marketing

money and waterRecently, I was meeting with some like-minded entrepreneurs.  While talking about internet marketing, I kept hearing them say, “Now I am swimming.”  I let that roll around in my head and thought I was missing something.  Then, I thought,  “Well, since we are talking about internet, and you surf the internet, swimming may have something to do with that….”

Then, my Lylizm senses took over: What does water have to do with internet marketing?

  • We surf in an ocean.
  • We swim in a lake.
  • We float in a rivers current.

The ocean is where many rivers and other bodies of water enter.  It is a turbulent place always tossing and turning in many different directions. (i.e. Doing something with no direction.)

Maybe, you surf waiting for the next big wave, ride it in to the shore, then, paddle back out for the next big wave to come.  (In internet marketing this is called the “shiny object syndrome.”)

A lake is a smaller spillway.  You can swim because it has a defined shoreline and the turbulence it not as noticeable as the ocean.  The catch is, you do everything.  You have to put forth all the effort to get anywhere. (In internet marketing this is called the “lone ranger approach.”)

A river is always flowing in one direction.  When you flow in a river, you are moved along by the stream to a single specific destination. (In internet marketing we call this focus.)

So, what can we learn from a river?  Instead of waiting for the next big wave to come along or putting all your own effort in, take a ride along with something that is already moving in the direction you want to go.  Find those like-minded individuals and tag along for a fun ride down the river of success.

Keep in mind:

  • When you have your strategy in place, shiny objects won’t distract you.
  • When you have a team in place, you won’t get wore out doing it all on your own.

Be a river marketer.  Find your flow and it will be easier to grow.