Great FEETS of Marketing

walking legsI have a tendency to combine words when I talk.  I think it is because my brain works faster than my mouth.  And if  you have heard me speak when I am excited, you will know that is quite a feat.

See, I just thought feat…feet…FEET and imagined little toes springing up…activate, lylizm….

So, how can we put FEET to our internet marketing?

  • Find your voice – Be original. It clicked for me just recently, honestly.  I had to totally redo my whole webpage because of a hosting error (totally my fault).  I began to put up all my articles, then I realized, there is nothing special about my articles.  You can find things like them on almost any search engine.  I needed to find my voice again.  A good friend of mine was introducing me to a group of internet marketers and told to me to tell them about what a Lylizm was.  It clicked! Now, I am not stuck on my name, really.  I just like the zip of a Lylizm. It is a quick, to the point snippet of insight.  I hope these pages will be that for you.
  • Establish relationships – People like to buy from people that they trust.  When you are doing any kind of business, people want to know who they are dealing with.  When you take time to build a relationship with someone, they trust you.  There are only ten fast-food type places in our small town.  Even though my wife and I are trying to eat healthier, we frequently go to a local Golden Chick…and it has mainly fried food.  We go there because the owner had taken time to talk to us and build a relationship with us.  Like the old Cheers sitcom theme says, “everyone likes to go where everybody knows your name.”
  • Encourage interaction – The more a customer interacts with you online, the more they ‘buy into’ what you do.  You can always ask questions, but take it up a notch.  If you are designing a new book cover, let your readers vote on it.  If you are comng out with a new menu item, let those on your list be the first to try it.  Then, when you market, thank them for their participation by offering a bit of a discount, ‘since they were involved’ in the process.  Now, don’t just do what you want, truly involve them.  I knew a guy whose entire book was written and edited by his readers.  You would think that they would not buy it since they created it, but they bought it because they were ‘part’ of it.
  • Take action daily – Honestly, I am not talking about taking ANY action.  I am talking about taking specific action that will lead to making money for you.  You need to take time to learn, yes, but if you are not putting what you learn in practice you are wasting your time.  I like to tell my clients, “You can read all the books about swimming you want, but until you actually get in the water, you won’t know what you are doing.”  Actions that lead towards making money are things like, building your list, connecting with your list, creating products, etc…

I hope these tips help you get your feet moving.  The funny thing about this article, is I started to write a totally different article, but got distracted by my own thinking when I used the word ‘feat.’  Isn’t life fun!?

Get your FEET moving.