Keeping the Live Event Buzz Going

ticketsGoing to a live event is always thrilling and you leave with a special buzz…known as the ‘conference high.’  However, the high you get at a training conference or camp can quickly fade.  If you want to make that high last for a long time follow the steps below.

Before you ask, no, I don’t ‘get high.’  I don’t need drugs to enjoy my life.  As a matter of fact, I have had many people ask what I was using and some of them were willing to pay good money for it.

I am high today because I just got back from JobCrusher’s Leverage Summit where I learned how to use leverage for my business.  (You can find out more about JobCrusher here.  And, if you went to the conference, you can ask me for my notes and I will send you a copy that I created!)

Making your ‘Live Event High’ Last

  •   Make handwritten notes.  I know in today’s digital age, this sounds crazy.  There is a lost art of taking notes by hand, but trust me this it the first step to keeping your conference high for a long time.  You don’t have to jot complete thoughts, just jot enough to remind you what was said.
  •  Write out meaningful quotes word for word, then underline it.
  •   Jot down and draw attention to action items.  Action items are anything that you need to do based on the information you just learned.  Anything that is said that you want to take action on, jot in the side column, star it, highlight it…whatever it takes, just make it noticable.
  •  Make a short summary of each sessions in your own words at the end of each night.  (This step is optional if you don’t like to write, you can skip it, but it will help you remember.)  Write a few paragraphs in your own words about what was taught and what it meant to you.  Really connect to the ‘why.’  The more you access those feelings and convey them in a way that communicates to you, the more likely you will remember the event.
  •  Type up your notes.  When you are through with the entire event (and rested up).  Yes, add the same notes you hand wrote early to your digital device.  Make complete sentences where you just noted the ideas.  You may be tempted to just skip to this step, but don’t do that. It will short out the process of how your brain puts information into your long-term memory and that is what you want to do.
  •   …Type your notes as if you are going to share them with someone else.  You want to convey the entire idea.  If you pretend you have to teach the information to someone else, you with synthisize and internalize the information.  (Whoa, that’s a lot of -ize!)  What this means is the information becomes ‘more real’ to you.
  •   Re-read your notes everyday for about a week.  Then, once a week for three months.
  •   Make a single page write up of all the quotes that you found memorable.  You can post it near your computer, on your bathroom mirror, frame it or use and editing program to make your own piece of art.  Putting these in a way that communicates to you will make all the difference.
  •  Get the recording.  If they have a recording of the event, and you can afford it, get at copy to listen to.  Listen to no more than one session a day.  You have gone through so many sessions, they may blur together.  Listening to one a day makes your brain focus on one idea. It will last in your long-term memory better.
  • Socialize with friends you met at the conference.  Socializing is so easy today with Facebook, Twitter, et al.  When you reconnect after the conference, just seeing their face will trigger memories and solidify the information that you gained in your brain.  It is like an image trigger to your cerebral cortex which engages recent memories. (Can you tell I like the way the brain works?)
  •   Make a list of all of your action items and put dates to them.  Look for the action items that you jotted in the columns, starred or highlighted.  Put them in a document with date and steps you will take to make that happen.  Or better yet, put the whole sentence directly in your calendar on the specific date for that action item as well as the steps leading up to that action.  You want these ‘ideas’ to become real to you.  If you put a date on them, your brain will want to make it happen.

As I end out this article, I want to make sure that you realize that the value of any new information is only as good as what you do with it.  If you don’t remember and take action on what you learned, any conference can be a waste of your time and money!

If you would like to share more ideas about making the conference high last, post them below.

Let’s get high and stay high together. . without drugs of course!